We help business owners reach their goals by providing funding and advisory services.

  • Debt Advisory
    Whether introducing a new product or buying a competitor, you need funding to turn your plans into reality.
    MML & PARTNERS has an extensive worldwide network of investors that can help you get the right combination of debt and equity for your project, particularly in "special" situations where traditional financing may not be available.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    We provide complete services in and around M&A, including deveploping a buy/sell strategy, conducting a buyer or target search, preparing documentation, managing the process and getting the deal closed for the best price.

  • Value Creation
    Our experienced managers work with our clients to develop and implement the strategies that take their companies to the next level. With a focus on long-term cash flow, our experts help you transform your company into an efficient, well run "machine" by systemizing processes and ensuring that your organization not only fits the business, but works together to meet your strategic goals.

Debt Advisory

MML - Special Situations Financing

Raising the appropriate funding is essential to the success of any business. Unfortunately, you can't always get the financing you need from traditional sources. Finding alternative funding sources is our specialty.

We will work closely with you to:

  • Understand your specific needs and develop a clear funding strategy
  • Prepare the company (Organization, Documentation, Financial Reporting, etc.)
  • Identify sources of capital (Private Debt, Private Equity, Banks, etc.)
  • Negotiate favorable conditions
  • Get you the money you need
  • Manage communications before, during, and after funding
  • Our expertise in advising business owners, coupled with our extensive international network, gives us the ability to tailor financing to your needs. We get your projects funded and help ensure your long-term growth.


MML – Ensuring Successful Transactions

Whether by developing an M&A Strategy or making sure acquired companies get quickly integrated, MML & Partners works hard to make sure you reach your M&A goals.

An overview of our services: 

  • Acquisition Strategy
    Long-term growth can sometimes be best realized through acquiring a competitor. Working closely together with your executive team, we will develop and help you execute a strategy that best fits your vision.
  • M&A Target Search
    Whether a platform or an add-on, we exclusively search for target companies that fit your criteria. Once found, our valuation, negotiation and structuring specialists help you get the most value for your money.
  • Owner Succession
    From confidentially finding a compatible buyer to ensuring the deal gets closed, we know what it takes to manage a successful transaction and get you the best price for your company.
  • Post-Merger Integration
    The largest risk when purchasing a company is the integration into the buyer’s business. We have extensive experience helping customers effectively integrate systems and people into your environment. In particular, we specialize in implementing reporting that ensures you have a clear picture of how the company is performing.
  • Divestiture / Distressed M&A
    Sometimes it is necessary to divest yourself from non-core assets. MML will help you prepare for and execute a successful carve out by finding the right buyer and putting the team in place to ensure a smooth execution of the deal.


MML - Creating Sustainable Cash-Flow

The biggest driver of a company's value is its ability to provide sustainable cash-flow.
Our team of operating partners helps you do that by creating repeatable, technology driven processes and developing a customer focused organization that can not only run those processes, but adapt them when your business environment changes.

Our services include:

  • Creating a Business and Financing Strategy
  • Implementing a Planning / Controlling / Reporting process
  • Business Development / International Expansion
  • Interim Management: CEO, CFO, Head of Sales, Controller, CIO, CDO
  • Implementing Design Thinking: Developing products based on customers' needs
  • Corporate Governance: Implementing governance driven processes.